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  • Merchant Account Application Fee
  • Setup Fee
  • Personal Account Representative
  • Early Termination Fees
  • Annual Fees
  • Sales Approach
  • Merchant Experience
  • High Risk Solutions
  • Travel, Tobacco, Adult, Collections
  • Poor/Bad Credit
  • Processing Bank
  • $95-$250 Non-Refundable
  • $49 - $150
  • NO
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Salesy UN-Informed
  • None
  • Long Prohibited List
  • No Way
  • Never
  • Single Solution
Our Merchant Service
  • Free NO Application Fees
  • Free NO Setup Fees
  • YES Knowledgable Reps
  • No Early Termination Fees
  • No Annual Fees
  • Honest & Upfront
  • Agents have been merchants themselves
  • High Risk Merchant Accounts
  • Yes - Multiple High Risk Providers
  • Yes - Several Processing Providers
  • Multiple Solutions

    Internet Credit Card Processing

    We Specialize in YES!!! Start accepting credit cards TODAY! At Merchant Account Services we have your business up & running fast, even if you have been turned down by other mechants. APPLY NOW!!! Compatible with thousands of shopping carts. FREE setup of your Virtual Terminal for manually entered sales. For Mail Order / Telephone Order merchants without a web site the Payment GatewayTM Virtual Terminal provides a convenient way of manually entering and processing credit card transactions. Need to process sales while you are on the road? Use the Payment GatewayTM Virtual Terminal to run them. We're here to help your retail business grow. We handle both the "mom and pop" retail business as well as the million-dollar retail company. Please note unfortunately we are no longer able to accomodate "adult" merchants. Get a free merchant account & the lowest credit card processing and debit card processing rates for your retail business.