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Retail Rate Comparison

Note: If you are doing a cost comparison you have to compare all the basic fees listed below. We feel that after you compare all our fees you'll see we have the best deal on the internet. If you have any questions no matter what they are just fill out our quick pre-application or call us toll free.

NOTICE: Visa and MasterCard raised processing rates on April 1, 2018 and the fees below reflect this increase.

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Industry Standard


Application Setup Fee $95-$250
Reprograming Exsisting Fee $49 - $150 FREE
Secure Gateway Setup (Fast Charge) $100 - $495 FREE SET UP
Accepts Checks Online $300 FREE
Web Shopping Cart $300 FREE
Programming Charge $50 - $95 FREE
Shipping and Handling Charge $20 - $35 FREE
American Express Setup Fee $25 - $50 FREE
Discover Setup Fee   $25 - $50 FREE  (Same rate as Visa MC)
Average Approval Time 1 - 2 weeks 1-2 Days
Technical Support Hours 8am-6pm Monday-Friday 24 hours per day
7 days per week
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Discount Rate 2.95% 2.20%   Most Merchants
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Transaction Fee 35 - 50 cents per transaction 25 – 29 cents per transaction
Retail Discount Rate (face-to-face sales) 1.95% 1.69% - 1.75%
Retail Transaction Fee (face-to-face sales) 30 - 45 cents per transaction 25 cents per transaction
Dues and Assessments Pass Through Pass Through
Statement Fee / Customer Service Fee $12 - $20 per month $9.99 per month
Internet Gateway Fee / Secure Virtual Terminal $25 - $45 per month $9.99 per month
Recurring Billing $100 - $300 set-up FREE
Fraud Screening Not Available or extra 25-50 cents per FREE No Extra Charges
Multi User Sub Accounts Most Charge $10 per Multi User Sub ID’s FREE No Extra Charges

Please note unfortunately we are no longer able to provide services to "high risk" merchant accounts. These are accounts that our acquiring banks have determined to be on our prohibited lists. If there is a chance your company is classified as high risk, we recommend checking online for alternative solutions for your business type. There are multiple service providers out there that can assist with getting your business approved.

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